Should Population Explosion be a Concern for Us?

Population explosion and overpopulation are fake concerns!

The human population has now crossed 7.5 billion. There is now a huge concern about the population explosion. And, we must think how the people will eat and live. The shortage of food, water and housing have become the single largest concern for most of the developing nations. People are dying of hunger and thirst. Wars are being fought get hands on resources.

The issue of population explosion is not new. Some experts have been warning governments and policymakers about the population explosion for the past 100 years. The United Nations has done a lot since its inception, but with no results. Government policies regarding birth control have failed too, and population control has become a mockery of the system.

China has a strict law to deal with this, but its numbers have already reached an ‘alarming stage’. India started a nationwide drive during Indira Gandhi’s reign to promote vasectomies, but this policy became an organized crime. Doctors became criminals, and the policy failed disastrously. Illiteracy, poverty, social backwardness and religion are usually cited as reasons for overpopulation and thus the population explosion.

Population Explosion: How the world looks like Today

This is how our world looks like today!

Contrary to the perception; the population explosion is not a real issue

But the fact is, population explosion is not a real issue; it was created to justify the hoarding of resources in the hands of few.

Suppose there is a remote village on an island with 1000 families. The island has fertile land to cultivate crops and a forest to provide wood for burning in kitchens and timber to make houses – enough so that all the families can have a comfortable life. Everything is going well; every family has a home and enough to eat and drink. But 10 of the families later organized themselves and took control of 55% of the resources through power and oppression. The situation changes now. The remaining families are now left with 45% of the resources to sustain themselves. The families that share 45% of the resources will soon become poor as time passes.

The world today is like the island above. More than half of the world’s wealth is now in hands of 1% of the population.

A century ago, scientists warned that if the population increased at the same pace, there would be disastrous consequences within a few decades. We crossed the one billion mark in 1804 and the three billion mark in 1930. From 1930 we reached seven billion in 2011, an increase of over 250% within 81 years. And, scientists are still warning us with the same words to control population growth. We have increased in numbers by almost 300% now, where are those disastrous consequences?


Population explosion: The growth from 1930 till 2016

Population explosion: The growth from 1930 till 2016

There are more threats to nature by wars than by population growth

Wars are a bigger threat to nature than the population growth. Wars and conflict have killed more people than the scarcity of space and water. In recent years, Middle Eastern countries have seen deaths and killing on a level that was previously seen during world wars only, and there has been no population explosion in these regions. More people die because of diseases than because of hunger. Nearly all resource-rich African nations are sparsely populated, and still, people die of hunger and diseases there.

No people have been killed by natural famines or food scarcity in the history of humankind. Nearly every famine in history that killed people on an epidemic level was war-driven or man-made. We need to stop blaming the population for hunger, thirst, and poverty. Population growth is not a problem; in fact, it never was. Nature has a system in which it will not allow people to reach a certain level that it can’t handle. It has a system in which, if we distribute the resources equally amongst us, there would be no poor and no rich.

The aftermath of Hiroshima Atomic Bombings

The aftermath of Hiroshima Atomic Bombings

Poor people are made to feel, they are surplus and burden on earth

Since our school days, we were handed the rule books and taught idealism, it prevents us from thinking and forming our own opinions. The opinion that says, no human is “surplus”. If we multiply in number, we are also growing more food, building more houses and pumping more water from the ground. Nature has endowed us with the abundance of resources to divide among ourselves equally; not to hoard among a few.

Look at the statistics. A January 2017 report says that eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the most miserable half of humanity. According to a report published in theguardian, the wealthiest 1% own over 50% of the world’s wealth. Statistics themselves say that we have not distributed resources among ourselves equally and the differences among us are in the trillions of dollars.

Instead of making poor feel useless, we should create better policies

We have given people gadgets and smart phones before we put bread in all the begging hands. We have manufactured millions of bottles of wine, beer, and whiskey while people die for a bottle of water. We have created skyscrapers and cosmopolitan cities; people own more than one house while half the globe still doesn’t have roof on their heads. People will go to hell or heaven as per the deeds they have done during life, but millions already live in hell before they are dead.

We are spending enormously on weapons to fight other nations instead of spending on a health system to fight diseases. We don’t have adequate hospitals, but we have enough arsenal factories. We feel threatened by other nation while a tiny mosquito kills thousands of people inside our own boundaries. We have spent and are still spending billions on making warheads, nuclear weapons, tanks and fighter planes. We have created so many arsenals that we can destroy the Earth a thousand times. I wonder how the nations can send missions into space to find water and to make homes there! Instead of searching for water on Mars and moon, they should be looking for drinking water on Earth.

It is everyone’s birthright to use and share resources equally.

Everything goes with the stream; most people are poor, and a few are very rich; this is what we have assumed. Have we ever asked why? The answer is No. We gave assumed everything to be normal and accepted them as it is. For us wars are normal. People dying of hunger is normal. Some people amassing huge wealth is normal. Uneven distribution of resources and opportunities are normal. But the truth is everyone deserve the same resources and the opportunities. A newborn baby, whether born in the United States or France, India or Africa, has the birthright to all the resources of the planet and to share them with more than seven billion citizens of the world.

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