Everyone (else) is a Hypocrite

Today everyone is a hypocrite but do not accept the truth

You will instantly punch me in the face if I tell you that “You are a Hypocrite”! But it is a bitter truth that everyone is a hypocrite and do not accept the truth. I have seen hypocrisy at all levels in our society from personal to community and even global level.


I had a habit of reaching late at every place. So I changed my clock settings. My watch could tell 9:00 am when the actual time was 8:50 am. This was to make sure if I could start something at 9:00 am according to my watch, in reality, I would have started it at 8:50 am. However, every time I wanted to start something on time, I knew what the actual time was and would simply fail to start 10 minutes earlier. It never worked. This was the least sinful hypocrisy that I was committing in my personal life. The particular habit of mine didn’t hamper or affect anyone around me. But there could be instances in my life where I might have committed grave hypocrisy just to save my own skin at that point in time


You might have talked against and even complained about some form of corruption in your city. But you were involved too as one way or another. This is like people stuck in traffic complaining about traffic, ignoring the fact that they are the traffic. Therefore, either you commit the corruption and keep quiet or distance yourself from all corrupt practices completely before complaining.

People around us

People never miss a chance to speak against child labor in whole of Indian subcontinent. Nonetheless, we go to tea stalls aka Dhaba; enjoy tea with our friends and leave. Some of us even hire them as personal servants or as errand boys. But I fear any of us even try remembering the face of the child who served the tea or cleaned the table for us? Preaching that child labor is wrong and then ignoring the issue at hand is a murder of our own morals.

We speak gravely against racism in the west (and vice versa) and its consequences. However, we differentiate and stereotype against our own people based on their place, color and culture. Do you really think some westerner (and vice versa) has devised these racial attributes for us? The people of our own society devised them, accepted them and used them against our fellow citizens to humiliate.

An animal’s life has become way more precious than a human’s existence

If you ask around a trivial question that whose life is more precious; a dog’s life or a person’s? Most of the people will rush with a diplomatic answer and say that “Every life is important”. But in reality, we know that an animal’s life has become way more precious than a person’s life today. We care more about animal rights rather than worrying about our fellow humans suffering around the globe. An Animal Rights Activist gathers more attention in our society that a Human Rights Activist. Celebrities love to be associated with PETA but assume association with Human Rights’ organization as controversial. They think it will potentially hurt their reputation in the society. What a hypocrite society we have turned into!

Are scientist community doing justice by calling people illogical or superstitious?

Let’s talk about scientists community. Scientists told us that atom is the smallest particle in the world during 19th century. We all believed them. They retracted and later claimed electron, proton, and neutron are the smallest fundamental particles of the matter. We all believed them. They retracted yet again and claimed quarks and leptons are the smallest particles. We still believe them to this day.

Newton said gravitation is the fundamental force for every particle of any magnitude. We all believed in his hypothesis. Einstein rejected that theory and said that the fundamental force does not hold true for photon particles. We all believed in him as well. However, recently a big bang theorist said that Einstein’s theories do not hold true at the time of big bang. Not surprisingly, people are believing him.

These scientists have broken people’s faith multiple times throughout the history. Yet, they call people illogical or superstitious if they believe in religion. Is this not hypocrisy at their end?

United Nations and UN-Keeping of Peace

More wars have been fought after the UN was enacted than before its legislation. 1948 Arab–Israeli War, 1950 Korean War, First Iraqi–Kurdish War, 1962 Sino-Indian War, Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Iran–Iraq War, Sri Lankan Civil War, Libyan Civil War (2011), Syrian Civil War and the list goes on.

None of the border issues have been solved by any UN legislation. The South China Sea, Israel and Palestine Border Dispute, The Korean Peninsula, Somaliland, Western Sahara, Kuril Islands and you name it.

Neither any of the wars nor the border issues have been resolved by UN, only half-hearted efforts have been made. Yet the same organization claims that they are the bearers of peace. Quite ironic. UN advocates for democracy throughout the world. However, the UN itself follows a system of hierarchy and veto power. Quite ironic. Quite hypocritical!


hypocrisy crop

Our greed wouldn’t stop and so the destruction

The biggest irony is; we all know how our environment is degrading but we are not ready to cut on resource use. Neither the general public nor the corporate. Let alone cutting down on resource use, people are not even ready to talk about this. The so-called educated people are working day and night so that they can afford bigger houses, better cars, exotic furniture and other luxuries. They are not ready to comprehend that fact that money can buy luxuries but cannot create the resources it use.

Every year an area of rainforest equivalent to the size of New Jersey is cut down; destroyed for timber, construction and mineral exploration. Rain-forest destruction has been happening at such an alarming scale that the patterns are becoming visible even from space. The air in some cities is so polluted that skies aren’t visible at all. There aren’t many rivers with clear water flowing through them. This is because companies around the world are digging minerals, cutting down trees, spewing smoke and polluting our environment.

We will keep proclaiming, “We are responsible people”!

People are plundering natural resources as if they are sucking them from an infinite pool. Yet; what do they talk about? They talk about climate change, minimizing pollution and environmental degradation. Let’s all be realistic for a moment. We all are hypocrites in one sense or another but we rarely accept it. The day isn’t far when we have totally destroyed our Earth and will still proclaim, “We are responsible people of the planet Mars”.

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