Everything that glitters is gold

Blame it on advertisements or our greed for ‘swagger’ – we behave this way!

Everything that glitters is gold. We have now wired our minds in such a way that gloss, shine and glitters attract us. Be it people, food, clothes or any other object that surround us. We always prefer and choose shiny ones. Blame it on advertisements or our greed for ‘swagger’ – we behave this way.

Look at the developmental evolution of things like the house we live in, the cars we drive, the food we eat and items we use; all have become more glossy and shiny over the last few decades. You can see that they have changed from matte finish look to glossy ones. The glossy items sells very quick now.

When I look at shiny buildings and glossy shops and malls around me, I compare them with old palaces, forts and tombs. You too might have seen a fort or a palace. Compare it with constructions done now and those old forts and palaces. You would agree that, although; these forts and palaces are gigantic and magnificent in their own style, they are not shiny. Today’s gigantic structures like Burj Khalifa, The Sherd, One World Trade Center or Petronas Towers – all are shiny and glossy!

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Why do we drool on colorful shiny Doughnuts?

With first realization that we must be in love with shines and gloss, it seems not a big issue. But this thinking have got two problems. First, gloss and shines have environmental impact. It causes overuse of resources and contribute to global warming. Secondly, it exposes our psychological setup of brains which tells us that shiny and glossy things are better. In a way we are accepting “Everything that glitters is gold”.


Our choice of eatables are changing and we are not aware of it. We choose items which look enticing to our eyes. We forget that those mouth-watering food on our plate take a heavy toll on our health. Because to make them enticing, restaurants and food sellers add color, unhygienic oil and at times chemicals. In fact, artificial food dye consumption has increased by 500% in the last 50 years, and children are the biggest consumers. Artificial dyes cause serious side effects, such as hyperactivity in children, as well as some allergies. Some children seem to be more sensitive to dyes than others.

Because, our minds are now wired in a way to love the shiny ones.

Let’s see around yourself and observe that whatever you choose for yourself be it day-to-day use items or even fruits and vegetables – shine and glossiness were always been the driving force while making choices. You may remember about the fruits & vegetables that you bought last time. Didn’t you went to the shop whose fruits or the vegetables were colorful and looked vibrant. Today everyone is going for shiny things. Be it cereals, vegetables, meat, fish or egg, we go for shiny ones. Most of us know that these are inferior to ones which are soiled, raw and unprocessed. Still, people go for the processed, decorated and preserved ones. Why?vegetables

Fruit waxing has gain so much popularity in recent times that almost all fruits in stores are now waxed either by natural or petroleum wax. A freshly picked apple is matte with dust. An apple in the store is smooth. It shines. These are the apples which look enticing and we end up buying them.

There is a horrifying scam on vegetables in India where farmers would apply chemicals on vegetables to make them look fresher and bigger. The terrifying part about this repulsive coloring is that it forms free radicals in the body which could affect the liver and kidneys.

Love for gloss and shine is now taking a dreadful turn.

People not only go after the shines & glitters of objects in their life, they even choose the made-up and decorated people around them. If honesty was to win and people were to choose their life partners in two versions – with make-up and natural. The person with make-up will always be chosen. In real life there is no value for natural beautiful faces. Natural beauty is a farce. Had this been the case, the cosmetic industry wouldn’t have been an industry of 274 billion dollars!

Today i don’t see any women without make-up unless she cannot afford it. The question is why, why can’t we appreciate them the way the are? The reason is our minds are now wired in a way to love the shiny ones. I find this false beauty taking even a more dreadful turn when i see girls as young as 6 to 10 years wearing makeup. This is totally wrong in all ways. We should admit it. It is high time we realize what is wrong with us. We should change our perception about the beauty.

We love to listen and trust beautiful, pompous and enticing words.

The fake, manipulated, decorated stuffs sells everywhere, even the words that we speak and hear. Is it not true that we love to listen a talk, speech or a lecture whose orator spells out words like ‘pearls spread on a velvet’? Does it matter to us that the person might be speaking everything fake? He might be speaking everything manipulated and worthless. But for us those pearls are prized possession. We keep them with us and treat every of the white pearl as truth beads.

All of us have totally failed to realize that at times truth may not be beautiful. At times, a person’s emotion can be a spaghetti of words. At times, a confession can be monotone. A pain may be wordless and tearful. A happiness may be deep breath with eyes closed. It is important to realize how you might have been getting fool chasing beautiful, pompous and enticing words.

Let’s open our eyes to a beautiful morning where reality is more beautiful than dreams!

Next time when you step out, try to observe your surroundings with a changed perception. Don’t just see things with your eyes open, observe them with your eyes closed. Evey fake thing will be veiled to you. The beautiful will become imminent. Suppressed voices will be louder to your ears. Louder ones will subside. A simple food will start to water your mouth and the lavish meal will be burden to your health.

Everyone is fed-up with this made-up world. Most do not realize and the rest fear what lay beyond it. Let’s wake up from our fake dreamland. Let’s open our eyes to a beautiful reality. Reality is indeed more beautiful than a materialistic dream.

2 thoughts on “Everything that glitters is gold

  1. Tabish says:

    It’s indeed true Reality is more beautiful than dreams… We should change our perception to see the nature which bloom with its glorious beauty ……………..

    1. tno says:

      So true. Change in perception is the key!

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